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Our mission at N-Touch is to touch the lives of people

through our work with natural supportive modalities.

*  Massage  *  Yoga  *  Weightloss  *  Life Coaching  *  Esthetician

As a physical wellness & emotional support center,

we currently offer:




    --Life Coach/Guidance


It's said if you've 10,000 hours of body work your an expert, 

after 20,000 hours your a master

--I've at least 25,000+ hours.

Do you feel like you never have achieved what you want?
Do you have life and personal goals that you need to sort out and find your way, achieve confidence & happiness?
Everyone needs a Life Coach!
In a world where we mostly communicate with devices, more than ever
we need to know someone is here for us!

In the scope of nutritional & emotional support we call life coaching,
we will coach you for weight loss and fitness.

I am the founder and creator of N-Touch Studios.

The Light in Me Honors the Light in You.

We strive to help you reduce muscle pain and stress

by helping you build a strong body and a strong mind.

For an appointment​ call:               253-722-7600

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